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Was skeptical at first but I decided to buy a pair of Kobe 4's just because of how low the price was. Was super surprised by the shipping speed and the quality of the shoe. It came with the box and everything. Shipping was in about 2 weeks which is really good for international. Will be buying another pair soon. Thank you!

5 stars

Excellent jersey considering the price. Team name, player name, player number, NBA logo, Nike logo, Nike labels are all very well stitched on. I live in South Korea and the package was delivered in just 2 weeks. Excellent service. I recommend!

5 Stars

Bought two jerseys off here expecting some cheap, flimsy knock off. Was happy to receive a high quality jersey that felt sturdy and looks accurate. Decided to buy a pair of shoes after testing the waters a little bit and again was happy with what I got. Bought a pair of Jordan 1's and was satisfied with the quality for such a low price. The suede was a little dead but I feel like shipping across the world does that too a shoe. Nothing a suede brush didn't fix! Highly recommend if you're on a budget.

5 Stars

Bought a pair of shoes and a dbook jersey from this website not expecting much. Took a couple days to get my tracking number but customer service said this was normal. The website said it usually take 2-4 weeks to arrive so I was pleasantly surprised to see the package arrive on my doorstep only on week 2. The jersey is literally perfect and the stitching looks good. The shoes are good too. Looks 1:1 and attention to detail is great.

5 Stars

Quality jersey with everything correct, and customer service is excellent! I asked for actual pics of jersey which were promptly sent and identical to what I received. Delivery time was a little long but not due to seller, in fact, the seller kept me informed. More will be purchased!!!

4.5 Stars

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