Normally, we ship within 2-4 days after received the order! International Shipping Is a process that varies in time! As we are located in China many of our orders will be international. We ship to every country that permits imports. Times will vary depending on location and your countries import policies. Covid may also delay times further. All orders will receive a tracking number within 4-5 business days of ordering! If you have questions or concerns about shipping don't be afraid to contact us at Our 24/7 customer support will assist you. An order of 65$ or more will automatically result in free shipping! 

Unfortunately due to Covid not every country is accepting imported goods from our location. If you believe that your country may be part of this group than please message us so we can check for you. If you order and we are unable to ship to you than you will receive a full refund! 

In order to get your order to you as fast as possible we will ship items from different warehouses that are nearest to your location. This being said don't be alarmed if one of your items comes one day later than others. This is due to your order being sent by multiple warehouses in order to speed up shipping times.

Covid Update: We use EMS as well as China post to ship our products. Due to Covid there might be unexpected delays in shipping times. Do not worry your package is still on the way. If an extended period of time has passed please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you. Estimated arrival times are around 1-4 weeks at the moment. If 5-6 weeks pass please reach out to us so we can assist you! Please do not chargeback without contacting us first. Thanks for shopping with us.


For tracking we DO NOT recommend using the Shop App as they are very inconsistent in giving accurate updates for international tracking numbers. That being said we highly recommend using 17Track to track all orders from our website. They provide the most accurate updates on both international as well as local shipping. Please attempt to use them before emailing us about your package not moving as the Shop App doesn't give accurate updates sometimes.


Return Policy:

Returns are accepted as long as the jersey has been kept in condition it was shipped in. Returns must be made within 5 days of delivery date to make sure jersey hasn't been worn. Shipping must be covered by the buyer. If you would like to return please contact us at our email and we will assist you through the process.

Cancelation Policy:

Cancelations must be placed within 2 days of ordering. Any later and your package will have already been dropped off at the post office. You cannot cancel a order during the shipping process. If your package has been lost by the post office than we're willing to cancel your order for you.