Nike Air Max 97 Bred

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Nike Air Max 97 Bred

Thanks to Jordan Brand and the ever-beloved Air Jordan 1, “Bred” — Black + Red, for the uninitiated — has become synonymous with sneaker culture as a whole. And whenever a silhouette outside the core Jumpman line-up makes use of said color combination, it’s very obvious where its influences originate.

Further adding to the drove of admirers, this Air Max 97 incorporates both of the above-mentioned colors yet again. The reds, though typically more of a focal point, are relegated to the Swooshes along the side and tongue as well as the detailing across both the heel and outsole. Elsewhere, the leather and mesh assembly proffer the dark neutral, matching that of the laces, lining, midsole, and the like.

Brand: Nike

Condition: Brand New 

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